Cilinder overhauling

Cilinder assemblageRepairing  or revising hydraulic cylinders is a specialism, you are in the right place at Oudshoorn hydraulics. When hydraulic cylinders start to wear, leak or are severely damaged, Oudshoorn hydraulics is the right place for making these cylinders as new again

An internal scratch in the cylinder tube, worn leaking seals or does the cylinder have a bent plunger rod? This can be repaired by Oudshoorn hydraulics.
You can also have cylinders inspected and maintained preventively.  

Oudshoorn hydraulics has more than 40 years of experience in manufacturing, repairing and revising hydraulic cylinders. We also have an extensive assortment of components and materials for repairing and revising hydraulic cylinders quickly and properly. After repair/rebuild each cylinder is tested in our workshop in order to guarantee the repair or revision quality to our customers.     

  • Quick service 

  • Possibility to receive a transparant quotian first, after inspection

  • Cylinders are tested before delivery

  • Wide assortment of components materials

  • Years of experience and knowledge of repairing/revising cylinders