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Purpose and use of this website.
This website is meant to introduce visitors to Findynamica. Visitors are shown which products and services Findynamica has to offer. Using this website or contents of this website for own purposes, making public, copying or framing this website or contents of this website is not allowed without written permission from Findynamica. Unauthorised use can lead to legal action and claims for compensation.

Rights to the website and contents of this website.
The rights to (all contents) of this website, including layout, text, pictures, etc. and publications, documentation, catalogues, articles, newsletters, etc. mentioned are entirely with Findynamica insofar as third parties are not (also) entitled to such rights.

Nature of this website.
The contents of this website are of an informative nature.

Names of manufacturers and mentioning article information.
Names of manufacturers, article information and article numbers are only mentioned for reference, description and identification purposes. Therefore, they do not have to be original.

Functioning of website.
Findynamica strives to maintain continuous accessibility to (all contents of) this website, but cannot guarantee that the website (or part of the website) is accessible at all times and in all circumstances. Findynamica cannot be held liable for the consequences of not being able to visit or fully consult this website.    
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