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Oil tanks

An important part of the powerpack is the oilreservoir. We supply oil reservoirs with a tank capacity of 3 to 540 litres, oil tanks complete or without lid. The range is made of different materials such as; aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Choosing the right oil reservoir is an important step towards a reliable hydraulic system. Therefore, pay attention to the following points when choosing an oil system;

  • How much capacity is needed to store the oil needed to feed the pump and users?
  • The cooling capacity of an oil reservoir is also important. With a prolonged circulation the oil can heat up considerably. To cool the heated oil, you should preferably choose an oil reservoir with a capacity of 3 to 5 times the pump output per minute. (however, this is a rule of thumb, in practice it can be decided differently under various circumstances)

Oil level eye, sight glass and level switch

In order to determine the contents of the tank, we supply oil level indicators such as an oillevel-eye, sightglass (with or without thermometer) and a level switch.