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Gear pumps


Marzocchi Pompe was founded in 1961 by Guglielmo and StefanoMarzocchi, in Casalecchio di Reno, in the outskirts of Bologna.Today, Marzocchi Pompe leads an industrial group the Marzocchi Group - that employs more than 400 people. The Group, owned and directed by Adriano and Paolo Marzocchi, works in the hydraulic pump and motor sectors and in the suspensionsystems for motorcycles and mountain bikes.Marzocchi Pompe developed in time both their dimensions and their product range, being at present among the major manufacturers of external gear hydraulic pumps and motors.

BASIC DESIGN External gear pumps, be them of single or multiple stage type, is oneof the parts which are most widely used in modern oil-hydraulicsystems.They feature versatility, strength and long useful life. Their simple construction ensures limited purchase costs and servicing. Thanks to these basic concepts, together with ever-improving product design and features, research-based on many years of experience,accuracy in material selection, production process followed in greatdetail and tests on mass-produced parts, our gear pumps have reached top quality standards

SPECIAL VERSIONS For some groups and models are available special version forspecific uses:" V "Version suitable for fluid at hi-temperatures.Range between -10C and +120аC. In the range between-10 C and +80аC pressures P1, P2 and P3 are possible as per the product table; beside that P1 should not be exceeded. " VV "Version suitable for fluid at high temperatures.Range between -10C and +150аC with max. pressure = 20 bar. " ST "Version suitable for fluid at hi- or low-temperature.Range between -40C and +120аC. In the range between -10 C and +80аC pressures P1, P2 and P3 are possible