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Binnenvertanding pompen/accessoires

 Eckerle - uw ervaren partner voor Innovatieve oplossingen van experts voor experts      

 Eckerle – your experienced partner Innovative solutions by experts for experts 

Since it was launched back in 1968, the ECKERLE system high pressure internal gear pump has conquered the world; and rightly so – because it combines unparalleled efficiency with the best possible price/performance ratio.

Sinds de lancering in 1968 heeft de ECKERLE hogedrukpomp met inwendige tandwielkast de wereld veroverd, en terecht, want hij combineert een ongeëvenaarde efficiëntie met de best mogelijke prijs/prestatieverhouding.


Top quality ensures our customers’ success. That was our founder Otto Eckerle’s maxim, and it is still our most important value 80 years later. One of the pioneers in oil hydraulics, Otto Eckerle built the company with inventiveness,
commitment, courage and hard work. He grew the company into a world leading hydraulic brand with his revolutionary ideas and ground breaking developments. 


The key to its winning values is its innovative design in which the drive gear runs eccentrically inside the internal gear. The medium – hydraulic oil,  for example – is pumped through the spaces between the cogs of both gears,
with the split crescent acting as a seal. EIPS – an innovation made even better The EIPS series is specially designed to stand up to the tough demands of mobile hydraulics. The pumps in this series are the result of our decades of experience
in developing internal gear systems. Key features are their very low noise levels, outstanding efficiency and long service life. Make our internal crescent pump’s unique advantages over conventional hydraulic pumps work for you to gain a decisive lead over your competitors now!

Besides our standard pumps, the bulk of the other products we have designed and made at Eckerle over the decades are custom made solutions designed specifically to meet our customers’ needs. Just as every job a pump has to do
may be different, every system has to be different too. With our solutions we make it as easy as possible for you to stay ahead of your competitors

pump for fan drive: highly efficient, lower engine HP consumption, reduces emissions

pumps for steering, braking system, powered convertible top, active suspension, differential oil cooling, hydraulic attachments, hydraulic assist transmission gear shifting

One system, many solutionsWith the internal gear pump at the heart

Your benefits at a glance:
• reliable
built with high-precision, tried-andtested construction methods
• low-noise
system designed for low pulsation
• long service life
much less wear, so maintenance-free for many years
• sustainable energy-efficient with lower power
consumption and lower emissions
• convenient easy and quick to install due to
optimized design to fit in your space

Eckerle internal gear pump
+ no valve block needed for valve
+ fewer hoses needed
+ no pressure filter needed
+ highly efficient, less heat
generation, low-energy consumption
+ longer running time
+ long service life
+ cheaper to maintain

From conceptual idea to a final finished product
Working together we will make it happen


Drive shaft
options, spline shaft or tang shaft with cross coupler (Oldham)

Winning features:
• internal gear pump with axial and radial
gap compensation
• radial compensation with segments
• customized suction and pressure ports
• front cover die cast aluminium
• valve cover with cast channels
• application: mobile hydraulics, e.g. forklifts
• direct mounted
• low-noise
• long service life
• low pulsation (pressure pulsation ~2%) 


Winning features:
• internal gear pump with axial and radial
gap compensation
• radial compensation with segments
• axial suction and pressure port
• extruded aluminium cover
• application: mobile hydraulic, e.g. high stacker
• mounted directly with tang shaft engagement (cross coupler)
• cast-iron end plate with integrated valve technology

EIPH – the consistent development of an innovative product

The basis of this excellent performance is innovative design. The teeth of the outer gear engage with the teeth of the eccentrically mounted inner gear. The medium, hydraulic fluid for instance, is pumped between the gaps in the teeth of the two gears, while the split filler piece seals the teeth.

The ECKERLE   EIPH series was specially developed for use in industrial application and its high hydraulic standards. The pumps in this series are the product of decades of experience in the development of internal gear systems. They are distinguished by their exceptional quietness, very good levels of efficiency and long life span while being exposed to high pressure. 

Gain a decisive leading edge over your competitors by using these unique benefits over traditional hydraulic pumps to your advantage. Since its development in 1968 the ECKERLE system split gap compensated high pressure internal gear
pump has tread a triumphant path. For good reason, as this system is unrivalled in its combination of exceptional efficiency and best value for money. 

Committed to the environment – right from the start

Eckerle industrial pumps are distinguished by their exceptionally high level of efficiency. This major factor brings not one, but two benefits:

Firstly, it helps you to use less energy on a day-to-day basis while achieving targets with greater efficiency; and
Secondly, it helps us converse our natural resources. A firm upholder of this belief, Eckerle has been environmentally certified to ISO 14001 for many years.

Our multi-flow pump combinations can be tailored to your specific requirements   EIPH EIPC

Whatever your individual needs may be – our multi-flow pumps satisfy them reliably, thanks to their modular design. Eckerle industrial pumps can be combined appropriately as the situation demands.
Whatever your wish or need, from efficiency-optimised modular hydraulic systems or inputs for servo applications over a bypass circuit to stand-alone pumps, you can depend upon Eckerle to put together exactly the system that suits
your needs.

Type H and Type C series can also be combined:

DVA – highly dynamic and energy-efficient at any speed The internal gear pump as the centrepiece

Minimum energy consumption and top performance – this is the principle on which a revolutionary and powerful drive package for hydraulics was developed. 

The DVA is an internal gear pump driven by a servo inverter, powered in turn by a synchronous servo or asynchronous motor depending on the implementation field. Experts optimally tailor and scale the performance and function of pumpdrive, software and motor to suit the customers' needs. As an innovator in the industry we offer a unique concept, the variable speed drive system, which is subject to continuous development and improvement. Typical implementation areas of variable speed drives include plastic injection machines, presses and general mechanical engineering and any general machine application that can benefit from on-demand flow and/or pressure capabilities, as well as retrofits of existing hydraulic systems

Reduction of pump speed in partial load range or outside the machine cycle

• Energy saving of up to 70 % for machines with process-related cycle intervals
• Noise reduction of up to 20 dB (A) during cycle, 100 % in cycle intervals

• Significant reduction ofoverall operating costs
• Fewer noise insulation measures necessary Occupational guidelines are satisfied faster and less expensively
• lower heat generation

Constant flow internal gear pump replaces a sophisticated variable axial piston pump

• Size reduction by up to 60 % through speed increase
• Exact pressure and flow control

• Reduction of pump costs
• Reduction in additional proportional valves

Highly dynamic pressure and flow control with servo pumps without proportional valve system

• Thanks to actuator processes initiated directly from the pump hydraulic power loss in the system is reduced
• Exact information on current pump delivery volume from sensors on the motor and stored volumetric efficiency characteristics
• Soft highly dynamic control of all actuators 

• No or simpler cooling system
• Lower investment and operating costs
• Extended life span of components
• Cost saving on fluid management
• Reduction in measuring systems
• Reduction in safety functions
• Simpler system due to controlling without proportional valve system
• Shorter cycle times


QX Hogedruk binnenvertandingspompen

De QX pompen zijn de 5de generatie Bucher binnentandradpompen. Zij hebben zichzelf in de laatste dertig jaar bewezen en het eenvoudige ontwerp garandeert een lange levensduur zonder de noodzaak voor uitgebreid onderhoud. Achter elkaar geschakelde en meervoudige pompen zijn wereldwijd beschikbaar in meer dan 1000 varianten. De voordelen van deze pomp zijn; geschikt voor hoge druk, laag geluidsniveau, lange levensduur en verwaarloosbare stroom- en drukpieken.

De QX dubbele pompen bestaan uit twee enkele pompen die gemonteerd zijn op een gemeenschappelijke aandrijfas. Hydraulisch werken de twee pompen onafhankelijk van elkaar, maar ze delen een gemeenschappelijke aanzuigverbinding in het centrum van de pomp. De grootste pomp van de combinatie bevindt zich aan het einde van de as (de aandrijfkant). Bij gelijke pompafmetingen, bevindt de pomp met het grootste slagvolume zich aan de aandrijfkant. Deze pompen kunnen worden toegepast bij hydraulische persen, machinegereedschap, afvalpersen, verfmachines, hydraulische aggregaten, liftwagens en lift/heft-aansturingen.

Binnenvertandingspompen QXV

De QVX is een binnenvertandingspomp voor vloeistoffen met een lage viscositeit. Deze pomp is in staat om drukken van 300 bar te ontwikkelen met een hoge efficiëntie bij een viscositeit van rond de 1 mm²/s. De QXV wordt met groot succes gebruikt om luchtvaart straalbrandstoffen, paraffine olie/kerosine, remvloeistof, pentosine en HFA vloeistoffen te pompen.

Wat zijn de voordelen van de QVX?
De QVX heeft een laag geluidsniveau, uitstekende efficiëntie, lange levensduur, lage pompslijtage, lage cavitatiegevoeligheid en goed werkingseigenschappen in noodsituaties. Tot slot kan de QVX binnenvertandingspomp 300 bar ontwikkelen bij een viscositeit van rond de 1 mm²/s.

Waar wordt de QVX toegepast?
De QVX wordt toegepast in installaties voor het testen van straal A1/brandstof aansturingen voor vliegtuigturbines, testinstallaties voor dieselinjectiepijpen, walserijen, brandstofpompen voor gasturbines, lasmachines en lubricatiepompen voor aslagers.